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Pizza courses information and orientation-business consulting FOR FREE!

Pizza courses initiative – Contact us now to book 20 minutes FREE online consultation face to face with Francesco Santo, pizza world champion 2007. The perfect opportunity to find out the right and fastest way to achieve your business goal. A free space at your disposal to build up a solid and trustworthy relationship with us. Contact us on WhatsApp:
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Pizza courses tailored to your needs

Our pizza courses are designed for both individual entrepreneurs and franchises. For the first time all the experience by Francesco Santo, Pizza World Champion, entirely addressed to the realization of your business. Our clients success is our best reward, therefore we are ready to guarantee your satisfaction with our 100% money back guarantee.

Our pizza courses are based on the teaching principles of “HQHD” (High Quality & Healthy Digestion). Our teaching program is absolutely the most complete and includes all types of pizza according to your specific needs. Our worldwide references from all over the world confirm the excellent results of our services. Pizza… an ancient art in your successful business! 

Business pizza courses and consulting services

Our pizza courses are related to business. In fact, we deliver highly qualified consultancy services which will ensure the success of your business since no competitors will be able to equal your products. Our instructors can travel to you and your pizza business, wherever you are in the world! For more details click to “Business-Pizza Consulting” directly at your location

Our pizza courses are recognized by the “Italian Pizza Association” who has been working closely with us since 2003. Our officially recognized certificate will be awarded to all our clients. The certificate will document the professional specialization you have acquired through our training and consulting services. 

Pizza courses locations

As we explain below, since pizza is the most sought-after meal in the world, we are able to provide pizza courses and business consultancy anywhere in the world. But if you haven’t started your business yet, we can help you step by step from the very beginning. In the latter case, if you don’t already have a business location, we can offer you to join our pizza courses in one of our locations in: London, Berlin, Rome, Catania and New York. Here we can transfer all our pizza experience.

In any case, our pizza courses are recommended to be carried out directly in the final location, so we can guarantee the final result through a correct setting of all your equipment according to the needs of your business.

Our pizza instructors are also available for “business-pizza consulting“. Visit also our SERVICES page.

MISSION: To ensure freshness, tastiness, and healthy digestion through the highest standards of product and production

Pizza Theory during our Pizza Courses


The provision of the highest standard of pizza courses including theory and practice, both to established pizzerias and to aspiring pizza chefs.

 The promotion of the high standards of professionalism in the catering industry.

The improvement of the professional prospects of all of our trainees.

Client relationships, guarantee of our trainings and services, recognition and longevity.

Pizza Course

Our pizza training and association contribute to the voluntary schemes in Italy, working in collaboration with “Association Peter Pan” to provide skills to people with Down’s syndrome. We also run outreach programs in Italian prisons and institutions helping people with drug dependency.

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Our pizza courses are taught by qualified instructors recognized by Italian Pizza Association.

With the support of 37 commercial sponsors from within the industry, we actively contribute to the organisation of the annual “Pizza World Cup” held in Italy. This highly prestigious event features competitions, exhibitions and various other activities attracting more than 3,500 visitors a day. Italian pizza courses’ AWARDS.

Pizza courses – The winning formula to an entrepreneurial guarantee

Our pizza courses, from an entrepreneurial point of view, delivers to your hands the best and most reliable investment on the market today, together with the best guidance and advice to make it happen, as quickly as possible. Our logo speaks clearly, a “map pin” that indicates pizza as the “final destination”, and therefore the world of “pizza” in general, a destination that can be reached thanks to our trainings. A final destination that also guarantees a successful startup of any business-pizza project that includes this prodigious leavened product. Below we explain how and why.

Pizza courses – The safest investment in the world today

Our pizza courses are definitely the safest investment in the world, do you know why? Because pizza, nowadays for evermore, is the most popular and preferred food in the takeaway worldwide market, and our pizza courses and pizza consulting services give you the keys to professionally achieve the highest possible level, just this most beloved leavened product in the world: his majesty the pizza! We are not interested to advertise our trainings by affirming what we state, as it’s a news of certified origin. In fact such news is officially disclosed by ANSA (National Associated Press Agency), the most important multimedia information agency in Italy, fifth in the world.

Obviously, as we offer pizza trainings, it is with great pride to announce that pizza is specifically the most searched takeaway food worldwide on Google, ranking first in 44 countries. The survey was carried out by MoneyBeach’s researchers, a British insurance company. The accurate analysis was carried out after classifying the most requested types of food in over 100 countries by monitoring a daily search on all internet browsers. Here is the official link of the news: Official ANSA link

It is actually very simple to prove that pizza courses are the best investment on the today’s market. In fact, it is enough to analyse the trend of the food market. Today more than ever, regardless of the Covid19 pandemic situation, customers still prefer more and more often to stay comfortably at home (when they are not even forced), so the takeaway food business remains one of the main ways of buying. Therefore, it is sufficient to offer the most sought-after take-away food in the world, and in the meantime sales and success are more than guaranteed, even if for any reason the customer cannot reach his most requested product, it will be the product that reaches the customer.

Well, without any doubt we offer all the necessary skills to obtain the best quality of that most sought-after product in the world today, pizza. It’s all proven. This is the certainty of success and the base-value of our pizza trainings that, with evident facts, are currently unshakable and constantly growing in the global market.

Furthermore, it is no exaggeration to say that these pizza courses are also real “seduction courses”, since no food, like pizza, is able to seduce with its smell, fragrance, crunchiness and at the same time a soft texture, its unmistakable design, colours, that stringy cheese and of course that amazing flavour… that flavour that you can even adapt to any particular taste and that you can vary even before the slightest trace of boredom appears on the horizon. How can you resist to pizza? This is the only skill we do not provide in our pizza courses, as it is not in our possession nor do we believe it will ever be!

Business people traveling

Our pizza courses give you the keys to the food of the future

During our pizza courses we always remember that the art of pizza is a very ancient art and it may seem paradoxical but precisely from that past, we deliver the keys to the food of the future. In fact, pizza has all the characteristics to deserve the fame of the food of the future, as it has the right balance between fibres, carbohydrates and proteins, moreover, if properly conceived, it can be a perfect and complete source of vitamins and mineral salts.

Often during our trainings we are asked several questions about the adaptability of pizza to particular diets, since this is above all the trend of the future, namely an ever-increasing attention to “curative” nutrition. The answer is simple because today, thanks to the research of the increasingly qualified raw materials, we can say that we can satisfy practically any request for a dietary plan, from food intolerances to the protein needs for athletes, thanks to new hyper-protein flours.

Having said that, from a strictly technical point of view, what we would like to point up about our pizza courses more than anything else is that pizza can not only satisfy any dietary need, but it also does it in the most pleasant way possible and above all in the most varied way, which makes it a tireless food, thanks to its extreme versatility. Moreover, it is a food of the future as pizza never bores the palate, and therefore it can remain permanently on the market.

The future is evolution and change, and this aspect is certainly not lacking in our courses nor our beloved pizza, a meal that can be eaten anywhere, at any time and in any condition, from a gala evening to a simple picnic. You can vary the ingredients, the toppings and the context in which it is served, and the pizza can always be up to any occasion, for any palate, from the most refined to the simplest one like those of children. It is no coincidence that today pizza is the most famous meal in the world and also the term “pizza” is one of the most widespread international words on the world scene.

Furthermore, if pizza is one of the best occasion to get together, it is also true that every meeting is an opportunity to order a very fast pizza, ready to satisfy everyone immediately. And if you calculate how many times you get together among friends, colleagues, for pleasure or for work, you understand why pizza will remain a timeless jolly food, which simplifies life, satisfies it to the maximum and never disappoints. After all, even our pizza courses become with us an opportunity to take advantage of our freshly baked products.

Through our pizza courses you will be able to offer a complete meal, including dessert

Our pizza courses offer the opportunity to deepen even one of the almost always overlooked aspect when it comes to pizza, namely, the “sweet version”. Often, in fact, we limit ourselves to the usual pizza with Nutella, without thinking of the boundless potential that a pizza base can offer to the world of desserts, thus being able to constitute a valid alternative to savoury. Sweet versions, whether hot or cold, is suitable at the end of the main course or meal, but also for the most delicious and perhaps less demanding occasions than a full meal.

Pizza al taglio dough
Pizza al taglio slices of focaccia

Not just pizza courses…

Really great and professional pizza courses, above all, are also real life courses. Many years ago, back in the 1982, when Francesco (our founder, main teacher and leading expert on the subject) touched and manipulated the first dough. Immediately perceived a particular attraction, which soon turned into real passion and love for pizza. Over time this passion becomes his own business and that simple but prodigious mixture is also seen as a more practical and financially oriented point of view, an apparently more complete and adult point of view.

In fact, in these pizza trainings, although the financial point of view must always be clearly highlighted, we teach that the main point of view, the real one and which guides to real success, was the one that Francesco had at the beginning of his career. That point of sight capable of capturing that attraction, passion and love, which he would later transfer to the world with his courses. And it is precisely this passion that must be touched by the final customer with every bite of pizza.

Thus, in our pizza courses we learn that a simple dough requires heat but it is also capable of spontaneously generating and donating heat, just like a human body, and like this it is also demanding of care and respect. That simple mixture requires precise times, demands care and respect for life, and in some way makes us responsible for it and therefore educates us to what, after all, is the essence of love and life, which is the donation of ourselves, of our time, of our sacrifice.

From pizza courses to human history

Our pizza courses teach the latest skills and updates in the market about the world of pizza but, we must remember that the world of pizza is an ancient world, a capable way to tell part of the world history and its evolution. The German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach said: “Man is what he eats”, and most humans, in very remote times ate bread, one of the first food creation made up of natural ingredients such as cereals, legumes, water. The pizza dough is very similar to bread one’s, with the addition of tomato and curdled milk (cheese or mozzarella), all natural ingredients used since ancient times.

So if “man is what he eats”, since the majority of the people around the world eat pizza, through our courses, by learning to do what we eat, i.e. pizza, somehow we learn to do “what we are”. Furthermore, since pizza derives from bread, one of the most ancient leavened food, we learn “what we were”, therefore the history of humans, our history. Ultimately, we can say that in today’s world, pizza fully represents our past, our present, our future. Having said that, the past is already in your hands, and in part even the present, but we are proud here to be able to offer you the keys to your successful future which is also our future: his majesty pizza.

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Business-pizza setting and training are just part of our services. We collaborate with some of the best Italian chefs and bartenders/mixologists who work with top-tier restaurants, clubs and culinary schools in Italy.


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