100% of our clients rate us “Excellent” on overall quality of business-pizza consulting services and training-courses. There are many reasons why – here are just a few.

Our clients success is our best reward, therefore we are ready to guarantee your satisfaction with our 100% money back guarantee.

Client relationships and guarantee of our services:

One of the core values of our company is building lifetime customer relationships. We always support our students and clients whenever they are in need of advice. Because of our serious commitment to client relationships we attach a guarantee to everything we do. We are aware that this commitment may often put us under pressure but it is the way we choose to live and work. Clients who establish relationships with us can benefit from our way of thinking. We are convinced that we make the most effective impact on our clients’ businesses when we have a great relationship with them.
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Recognition and longevity:

We have a high reputation in the catering industry not only because of our trainees’ success stories and pizza-restaurants but also because of the recognition in academic and government circles. Italian Pizza Course & Services” has been partner of “National Pizza College” and “Italian Pizza Association” since 1989. “National Pizza College” operates 11 affiliated pizza colleges located throughout Italy.
Over the years we have developed a wealth of knowledge and experience that no other pizza association can match today. We know what works and what doesn’t and we are happy to share this experience with pizza makers and businesses. Our team in Italy systematically research and update the information related to pizza studies. We have amassed substantial expertise and work hard to continually improve our skills in providing quality and superior services.

Creative Approach:

We bring our energy and creativity into your business to inspire your people and enable them to think creatively on how to tackle problems. “Italian Pizza Course & Services” believes in supporting pizza chefs and businesses by focusing on health, quality, management and maintenance. Our approach ensures that you make the right decisions towards the growth and renown of your business now and in future. 

We believe in the use of fresh and healthy, high quality ingredients with a view to providing the consumer with a delicious alternative to the frozen food so common on today’s market.

Our support from the beginning:

Whatever your interest in pizza, whether you are an established catering company, a family-owned pizza-restaurant or an aspirant and a pizza maker who wishes to perfect the already acquired skills – we are able to help. We pride ourselves on understanding the specific requirements of the pizza market and provide the appropriate training (incl. traditional “Italian Pizza” styles) and business assistance.