If I decide to start my own pizza business, at what stage should I contact you?

Ideally, is best to contact us as soon as you decide you want start a pizza business. We would discuss in detail your ideas and plan. Sometimes, customers contact us after setting the layout of the premise and fitted the equipment in. In many cases gross errors occur, such as designing space partitions of the layout wrongly (kitchen, storage, customer area, etc…) and purchasing unsuitable or low quality pizza equipment. These errors usually affect the service, as well as causing inconsistency of quality production. In these cases, during our service we try our best to readjust the layout where possible in order to allow a smoother operation. But of course, in a busy working environment the weigh of the original mistakes come alive, and sometimes our customers in the end are forced to plan again layout adjustments and buy new pizza equipment. As a result: more money loss, waste of time and stress. Project managers, kitchen designers and equipment suppliers are NOT pizza consultants, NEITHER multi-year experienced professional “pizzaioli”. If you decide to use our service, we strongly advice to contact us before you start your business plan.


Are your pizza consultants or trainers available for longer service?

Yes. According to the size and specific of your project, we can be available for extended periods of time. *Additional fee may apply. For long terms “brand-new” or “franchising” projects please contact us to discuss in detail. 


Can you provide support after the course or consulting service?

Yes. One of the core values of our company is building lifetime customer relationships. We always support our students and clients whenever they are in need of advice. Because of our serious commitment to client relationships we attach a guarantee to everything we do. We are aware that this commitment may often put us under pressure but it is the way we choose to live and work. Clients who establish relationships with us can benefit from our way of thinking. We are convinced that we make the most effective impact on our clients’ businesses when we have a great relationship with them.


Can you provide support with new ideas and updates in the future?

Yes. Our team in Italy systematically research and update the information related to pizza studies. We have amassed substantial expertise and work hard to continually improve our skills in providing quality and superior services.We are always available to bring our energy and creativity into your business to inspire your people and enable them to think creatively on how to tackle problems. We believes in supporting pizza chefs and businesses by focusing on health, quality, management and maintenance. Our approach ensures that you make the right decisions towards the growth and renown of your business now and in future.


I run an existing pizza-restaurant, but I would like to increase my sale by improving quality-consistency of the products and business operation. Can you help?

Yes. Whatever your interest in pizza, whether you are an established catering company, a family-owned pizza-restaurant or an aspirant and a pizza maker who wishes to perfect the already acquired skills – we are able to help. We pride ourselves on understanding the specific requirements of the pizza market and provide the appropriate training and business assistance. 


Are your pizza courses and consulting services suitable for anyone without knowledge or previous experience in pizza making/pizza business?

Definitely! 100% of our customers, most of whom posses no prior experience of pizza making, manage to open their own successful pizza business within a short period of time. Many of our clients developed their own brand and opened a second branch within 18 months. Our courses are designed to train those with no prior training. However, our courses are also recommended to anyone wishing to improve their existing pizza business or perfect their skills building on the prior knowledge. 


What exactly your “Business-Individual Pizza Courses” in London, Berlin, Rome and Catania delivers?

“Business-Individual Pizza Course” is a one-to-one pizza training including a customized package of pizza business information (equipment, trading system, use of specific products, set-up, menu development and custom details according to the type of pizza business). A “Business-Individual Pizza Course”includes a pizza consulting package aimed at the specifics of your business and it is designed for those who are planning to open a pizzeria or develop a brand-new franchising project. NOTE:Business-Individual “Wood-Fired Oven Pizza Courses” are now also available inLondon, Berlin, Rome andCatania.


How effective, in terms of practice, are your pizza courses?

The practical part of our pizza courses is very rich. During our training each learner stretches and cooks about 25 pizzas per day. At the end of our courses and consulting services, all students (without any previous experience in pizza making) are able to produces 20/25 pizzas per hour from scratch, in their own. 


Schedule of courses

Both “Individual-Business Pizza Courses” and “Business-Pizza Consulting” services can be booked anytime (subject to availability). For all function enquires please send us an email with preferred dates. NOTE:Fixed dates are only available for Group “Wood-Fired Oven Pizza Courses” in Catania and Group “Pizza Courses” in New York”.


Can you also provide for traditional and modern “Italian Cuisine” courses?

Yes. We collaborate with some of the best Italian chefs and bartenders (called also “Mixologists”) who work with top-tier restaurants, clubs and culinary schools in Italy. Along with our professional pizza trainings and business-consulting start-up services, we may be able to provide a variety of “ITALIAN CUISINE” & “BEVERAGE” Courses in Italy or directly at your catering business location. For more details visit our webpage Italian Cuisine & Beverage Courses.


I find your fees a bit too high. Why are your courses and business-consulting services worth it?

Our fees are decided in accordance to what we believe it is fair. “You get what you pay for”. Since 1989, our knowledge has been proven to be the key to succeed. “Knowledge”, “Strategy” and “Execution” are actually the main important factors to achieve success. A large number of entrepreneurs fail because they plan strategy and execute without knowledge. Many of our clients manage to open a second pizza branch within 18 months from the first opening. The majority of people use the Internet to search free knowledge about pizza, hoping to find ground-breaking information, secrets, recipes etc. The Internet offers a lot of forums where information about pizza making are anecdotal, incomplete and misleading. When creating a quality-consistent product such information must never be treated a basis for a reputable business or provide a dependable pizza-skills guide essential for restaurants, pizzerias or other pizza businesses. Many people are erroneously lead to believe that it is possible to learn the traditional Italian art of “Pizza” just by watching a video tutorial or following recipe books. In average, our existing customers use our services once per year. We can provide references in over 25 countries (Europe, Asia, South and North America, South Africa).


Can you offer a discount for two or more participants joining a pizza course in London, Berlin, Rome and Catania?

Yes. Depending on the number of participants, we can offer between 25% and 35% discount.


Can you offer a discount to participants who want join two different type of pizza courses in London, Berlin, Rome and Catania?

Yes. Depending on the type of pizza courses, we can extend the days of the training and offer 50% discount on the second course.


Do you offer amateur Italian pizza courses?

No. We do not offer amateur pizza courses. Most of our “students” are entrepreneurs planning to start a pizza business. Our pizza courses and consulting services are designed specifically for business purposes, as well as for individuals who intend to start a career as a professional “pizzaiolo”.

Customer satisfaction 100% money back guaranteed.

At the end of the first day of the pizza course or the consulting service at your location, if dissatisfied, you can claim your money back and refuse to extend the service or the course. NOTE: the deposit is not refundable.

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