“Italian Pizza Consulting will assist you in improving your skills and developing your pizza business. We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism and reliability. 

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Our instructors can travel to you and your pizza business, wherever you are in the world.

Our Business-Pizza Consulting Services Include


  Pizza Business Start up

Once we help you to get ready with you pizza business, our qualified pizza experts will visit you in order to ensure the standard of product and production as well as help improve the details concerning the pizza processes. We do also provide service for brand development. Whether you are looking for short or a long term business plan, one of our pizza experts/trainer might be available.
NOTE: For long terms brand-new and franchising projects contact us to discuss in detail.

For further information, check out our “business-pizza consulting” package pattern.

  Classic/Neapolitan Sour Dough Pizza Course

Electric Stone-Based or Wood-Fired Stone pizza ovens

 Organic (Bio) – Classic/Neapolitan Pizza Course

  Pizza al Taglio Course

Roman Pizza-style sold by slice

  Organic (Bio) – Pizza al Taglio Course

  Gluten Free Pizza Course

Type of Pizza suitable for coeliac people

 Roman Pinsa Course

Light Roman oval pizza style

  Pizza al Metro Course

Neapolitan pizza sold by the meter and/or slice

  Guidance in choosing suppliers of the best pizza equipment and ingredients

  Training in the operation of professional pizza equipment

  Menu development and Gross Profit management

  Assistance tailored for pizza businesses and trading strategies

  Business documents / Logbooks

(Excel and Word formats – Package samples)

  Pizza by Slice 

(Production and trading system)

NEW! ♥ Whole Wheat Pizza Course

NEW! ♥ Multi Cereals Pizza Course

Business-pizza setting and training are just part of our services. We collaborate with some of the best Italian chefs and bartenders/mixologists who work with top-tier restaurants, clubs and culinary schools in Italy.


We use a variety of newly developed-natural mix of flours that are low in carbohydrates and high in proteins. 

Our courses are based on the teaching principles of “HQHD” (High Quality & Healthy Digestion).