Our courses are based on the teaching principles of “HQHD” (High Quality & Healthy Digestion)

In Italy, our pizza courses can run in two different locations, Rome and Catania. Our pizza school in Italy is considered one of the most prestigious because of our rich and meticulous training. As the pizza market is growing, our pizza trainings are also available in London (United Kingdom) and Berlin (Germany). Along with the fundamental practical and theoretical part, our courses provide a package of information related to business of pizza. Therefore, most of our students are actually entrepreneurs who want start a pizza business that exclusively embraces “quality”. Through our methods and knowledge all our students managed to open their own pizzeria, developed their branding and eventually expanding their pizza franchise. We are always looking for long terms business relationship, that’s why it is in our interest to make sure our customer succeed.

Our pizza school provides the highest standard of training available in the market. Our pizza consulting services offer a huge and effective potential to start a unique pizza business branding.

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Business-pizza setting and training are just part of our services. We collaborate with some of the best Italian chefs and bartenders/mixologists who work with top-tier restaurants, clubs and culinary schools in Italy.