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Pizza Courses

PIZZA COURSES… an ancient art in your successful business!

Our pizza courses are based on the teaching principles of “HQHD” (High Quality & Healthy Digestion)

Our pizza trainings are recognized by the “Italian Pizza Association”.

Three of our instructors can travel to you and your pizza business, wherever you are in the world. For more details click our webpage link below:

“Business Consulting-Pizza Course” directly at your location

Our pizza courses run in London, Berlin, Rome, Catania and New York.

Our pizza instructors are also available for “business-pizza consulting“. Visit also our SERVICES page.

MISSION: To ensure freshness, tastiness, and healthy digestion through the highest standards of product and production. 

Pizza Theory during our Pizza Courses


The provision of the highest standard of training including theory and practice, both to established pizzerias and to aspiring pizza chefs.

 The promotion of the high standards of professionalism in the catering industry.

The improvement of the professional prospects of all of our trainees.

Client relationships, guarantee of our services, recognition and longevity.

Pizza Courses

“Italian Pizza Association” contributes to the voluntary schemes in Italy, working in collaboration with “Association Peter Pan” to provide skills to people with Down’s syndrome. We also run outreach programmes in Italian prisons and institutions helping people with drug dependency.

Pizza Course - Pizza Business Plan

Our pizza courses are taught by qualified instructors recognized by Italian Pizza Association and National Pizza School.

With the support of 37 commercial sponsors from within the industry, we actively contribute to the organisation of the annual “Pizza World Cup” held in Italy. This highly prestigious event features competitions, exhibitions and various other activities attracting more than 3,500 visitors a day. Italian Pizza Courses’ AWARDS.