(Roman Pizza-style sold by slice) 

The Pizza al Taglio course is taught using special “ELECTRIC STONE-BASED Pizza Oven”

Our Pizza al Taglio Course is is recognized by the “Italian Pizza Association”.

Pizza al Taglio, or Pizza al Taglio alla Romana in Italian, is a Roman pizza sold by the slice.

Thanks to newly developed flours, special equipment and professional training, this unique style of pizza can now be made to order in pizza galleries. Available in Organic flour, this Roman pizza is favored by many and is sure to boost business sales.

Pizza al Taglio is a low carbohydrate pizza and is easily digested. It can be displayed for longer periods of time without loosing its hydration, look and quality. Pizza al Taglio can be defined as “fast food”, but made in a fresh and healthy way.

An advantage of Pizza al Taglio is that it doesn’t require a large kitchen space to produce, and it’s also perfect for take away or catering services.

NOTE: The Pizza al Taglio course is based on the teaching principles of “HQHD” (High Quality & Healthy Digestion).

Our specialized Pizza al Taglio course is currently being taught in London, Berlin and Catania. For more information visit our pizza course details and pricing page.

PIZZA… an ancient art in your successful business! 

Our pizza school is recognized by the “Italian Pizza Association”. 

Our instructors can travel to you and your pizza business, wherever you are in the world.

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