Our pizza school is based on the teaching principles of “HQHD” (High Quality & Healthy Digestion)

Pizza School

100% of our customers, mostly without any experience in pizza business, manage to open their own successful pizza business in a short time.

Many of our clients develop their own brand and opened a second branch within 18 months.

Our Pizza School is the English partner of the renowned “National Pizza College” and “Italian Pizza Association”. Our qualification is recognized throughout Italy as the highest standard of training available. Based in Rome, The “National Pizza College” operates via 11 affiliated pizza colleges situated throughout Italy.

Our pizza courses run in English internationally in the following locations:

London, New York, Berlin, Rome & Catania (Wood-Fired Stone Pizza Oven)

All our instructors are qualified to award internationally recognised diplomas. They are available for online consulting and to travel worldwide to provide pizza business start-up services.

There are over 13,000 subscribers to our monthly magazine, which is a testament to “National Pizza College” standing and reputation in the Italian catering industry.

Pizza School - Pizza al Taglio - Neapolitan Pizza and Pizza Chefs
Pizza made at our Pizza School

The foundation of our pizza school enables us to provide the full range of our services anywhere in the world. Our fully qualified instructors deliver training in all aspects of the traditional Italian art of pizza making and our comprehensive course addresses key development skills tailored to the specifics of your business. Our students emerge as rounded professionals and our range of services is ideal for those with an entrepreneurial interest in the catering industry. We believes in the use of fresh and healthy ingredients of the highest quality, aiming to provide the consumer with a delicious alternative to the so commonly found frozen food.

We will assist you in improving your skills and developing your pizza business. We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism and reliability.

At our pizza school the goals are:

  The provision of the highest standard of training including theory and practice, both to established pizzerias and to aspiring pizza chefs.

  The promotion of high standards of professionalism in the catering industry.

♥  The improvement of the professional prospects of all of our trainees.

 Client relationships, guarantee of our services, recognition and longevity.

Our pizza courses are taught by qualified instructors recognized by Italian Pizza Association and National Pizza School.

With the support of 37 commercial sponsors from within the industry we actively contribute to the organisation of the annual “Pizza World Cup” held in Italy. This highly prestigious event features competitions, exhibitions and various other activities attracting more than 3,500 visitors a day. Italian Pizza CoursesAWARDS.

“Italian Pizza Association” contributes to the voluntary schemes in Italy, working in collaboration with “Association Peter Pan” to provide skills to people with Down’s syndrome. We also run outreach programmes in Italian prisons and institutions helping people with drug dependency.