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7 consecutive days of 

Pizza Business Consulting directly at your location.

PRICE: EUR 4450,00

This option is available for each of the following pizza styles:
  Italian Classic (Neapolitan style) Pizza Course (Round)
  Organic (Bio) – Classic Pizza Course (Round)
  Pizza al Taglio Course (Roman Style)
  Organic (Bio) – Pizza al Taglio Course
  Pizza al Metro Course
  Gluten Free Pizza Course (EUR 2850,00)

PIZZA STYLES – Photos & Details

The price of the 7-day 

Pizza Business Consulting includes:


  Pizza course to your staff (max 3 people)
  Guidance in choosing the best pizza equipment/tools and the best ingredients available from your local suppliers
  Pizza equipment set-up (including conservation and preservation of ingredients and food storage)
 Bread making (basics)
  Help with the menu development and costing
  Teaching materials (Recipes, photocopies and technical products specs)
  1 certified diploma by the “Italian Pizza Association” issued with your name or pizza business name
  Online after-course support
  3 years free updates

 We use a variety of newly developed-natural mix of flours that are low in carbohydrates and high in proteins.

Our courses are based on the teaching principles of “HQHD” (High Quality & Healthy Digestion).

NOTEThe price does not include travel and accommodation expenses. A “Business-Pizza Courses” directly at your location can be booked at any time, subject to availability.
NOTEA “Business Consulting-Gluten Free-Pizza Course” is 4 consecutive days in duration. Price: EUR 2850,00.



The “Business Consulting-Pizza Course” directly at your location is designed for both, those who are planning to start a pizza business and those who wish to upgrade and improve their existing pizza place or franchise. It is an accurately tailored service that includes pizza teaching and training and full pizza business consulting directly at your location. The pattern of this service usually consists of 7 consecutive days (Approximately 8 hours service per day between training and the setting-up of business).
Our fully qualified instructors will train you in all aspects of the traditional Italian art of pizza making, whilst our comprehensive course will guide you in the key development skills tailored to the specifics of your business. We will present you with a complete package of instructions both in theory and practice. We will assist you in building your skills and improving your business. We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism and reliability.
NOTEDepending on the type and size of the pizza business, we can be available for extended periods of services. These services are available upon reservation; Price will vary depending on your location and specific requirements.
Pizza Courses and Services 
for Pizza Businesses (including
Group and Individual Courses) 
can also be conducted worldwide.
Our courses are designed to train those with no prior training. However, our courses are also recommended to anyone wishing to improve their existing pizza business or perfect their skills building on the prior knowledge.
Our courses and consulting services are managed by qualified instructors and pizza experts recognized by the “Italian Pizza Association” and “National Pizza School”.
All prices are quoted in euro. 
For the current exchange rate please refer to
NOTE: 25% deposit is required for each booking. All group course dates are subject to variations.  

100% of our customers, most of whom posses no prior experience of pizza making, manage to open their own successful pizza business within a short period of time. Many of our clients developed their own brand and opened a second branch within 18 months.